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A Cash For Cars Poncey-Highland Junk Car Buyer. We Buy Junk & Unwanted Vehicles & Provide Free Removal

Are you looking for a cash for cars Poncey-Highland company? Do you have a vehicle that you just want to sell fast? Is there something wrong with it? Is something broken, or maybe it is wrecked? Don’t worry anymore! Sanford and Son Junk Cars buy all kinds of unwanted or junk vehicles. We even buy wrecked or damaged cars. Sell your vehicle today in Poncey-Highland and surrounding areas.

Do you have a junk vehicle that you have been trying to get rid of, but you just can’t seem too? Has your vehicle broken down and the cost to repair it is more than the car is worth? You need to call us right now! Sanford and Son Junk Cars are located in the Poncey-Highland area and we want to purchase your vehicle from you. There is never a “No” with us, only yes. We will purchase and pick up your vehicle the same day. Have you tried to call around and get quotes from other companies, but the other companies never show up to come to get your vehicle? We know how it is! We help hundreds of people a day get rid of their unwanted vehicle. We purchase cars no matter the condition: Running or not running, dented, involved in an accident, it does not matter we take them all. Call us now to get a quote within minutes, one of our junk buyers is standing by to answer your call today.

junk cars Poncey-Highland

There are a couple of different ways we offer for you to get cash for your unwanted car, truck, or SUV. We have made the process very simple so that you have absolutely “no hassle” in trying to get a quote for your vehicle. you can either give us a call right away or if you decide you don’t have time to call us, you can fill out an online form. Once you fill out the online form you have a choice to be contacted by phone, text or email. If you would like to get a quote within minutes, picking up your phone and giving us a call would be your first step. Once you contact one of our very professional buyers they will ask you a couple of questions about your vehicle to get a better idea of what condition your car is in. Once all of our questions have been answered we can get you a quote for your vehicle.

If you agree to the quote that you were offered, we will get you in contact with our dispatcher who will get you scheduled in with a time that works for you, to come to get it. Once our dispatcher shows up at the time that you agreed upon, he will have some paperwork for you to sign to make the deal final. Once the paperwork is out of the way, we will give you the money that was agreed upon and you hand over your title. Now you can sit back and watch as we hook up that pain in your neck and tow it away for good.

Even though our name has the word “junk” in it, we take nicer vehicles as well, so make sure you give us a call so that we can get you a price on that too.

If you have tried to sell your car and you just haven’t had any luck in doing so, give us a call right now to get your quote within minutes. +1(770)771-9494

junk cars Poncey-Highland

How Does Our Cash For Cars Poncey-Highland Program Work?

Fill Out Our Online Form
We have an amazing online process that asks you the questions about your vehicle that we need to know in order to give you an offer.

We Offer You A Price
We will immediately figure out a price we are able to pay you for your vehicle.

Send A Tow Truck
If you like the price, then we can get you set up for a tow truck to come meet with you to buy your vehicle.

Sold & Towed Away
Your vehicle will officially be sold. The tow truck driver will load your vehicle on the tow truck and tow it away. You are left with the money, and hopefully very happy!


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