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We are a top of the line junk (damaged), unwanted vehicle removal service. We pay the most money for the car you wish to depart within the Loganville, Georgia, and surrounding areas. You sell us your junk vehicle, and we send a tow truck with payment to come and buy it from you. Then the tow truck loads it up and hauls it away.

Just because our name has Loganville in it, doesn’t mean we don’t cover the surrounding cities of the area as well. If you are North, South, East or West of Loganville we can get you, NO WORRIES!

We do free car removal of ANY unwanted Car, Truck or Van. NO PROBLEM!

We pride ourselves in knowing we provide easy, hassle-free pick-up of your scrap cars, unwanted cars, damaged cars, wrecked cars, scrap cars, trucks or vans at ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU!

We service all the Loganville areas outreaching even further than that.

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Now, you can quit paying insurance on that vehicle you aren’t even using. Instead of you shelling out money to the insurance companies, let us shell out money for your unwanted vehicle! We are paying out hundreds of dollars every single day to people like you!

Everyone knows that this city is one of the oldest cities in this glorious nation. One of the earliest founded cities in the American Colonies. The history here in Loganville alone is enough to make your head hurt. Let’s keep this city clean! Let’s keep the streets unencumbered. We hold the most prestigious Universities in the nation here! We don’t need to tell you this, YOU ALREADY KNOW! Our mission is to keep this historical city clean, bustling, and ever more beautiful with buildings as old as the United States. We can only do this with your help.

What do we do with your junk vehicle?

We either RECYCLE or REPAIR it. If we do recycle it, we are sure to dispose of the metal and chemicals in environmentally friendly ways. We follow State Law to the “T” when it comes to this very serious process. Making the state of Georgia an even cleaner place.

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How would you like to get money for any vehicle you have on your property that is collecting rust? Or maybe the cars are just an eyesore that you are tired of looking at. Well, there is hope for you and your scrap vehicle.

We are a company located in the great city of Loganville, we are a premiere service that is rated #1 for customer service and paying out the most for your clunker. We will come and remove your vehicle off of your property for free. That’s right, free removal for your junk vehicle. You don’t have to worry about any hidden fees, because we don’t have any. Whatever we tell you the phone is what you will receive when my tow driver shows up. We are located right in Loganville, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a non-local company.

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Sometimes posting an ad on craigslist can be a pain; dealing with people showing up to take a look at your car and hoping that they will like it enough to buy it. However, they will tell you that they need to think about it, or we will keep in touch. You probably know that they are not going to be calling you back because that is just what people say to get out of there, they are not obligated to purchase your car. The hassle just isn’t worth it. I have been there, waiting for people to contact you just isn’t very fun.

Well, I do have good news for you, forget posting a craigslist ad or posting something in the newspaper. Call us, where we offer a hassle-free experience. We can buy your junk vehicle that same day. Usually, we do same day pick up, but if we aren’t able to do it that day, we will come to get you the next.

We try our best to make sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed, and that you are taken care of the best that we can. How would you like to get rid of that painful thorn in your side? We understand that! We want to help you achieve that. Call us for a free quote and you will be on your way to getting your junk vehicle picked up in no time. In 30 seconds or less, you will have the quote for your automobile. Call us today and find out why people go through us to have there clunker scrapped.

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