How Much Money Do You Get for a Junk Car?

There is going to be a day when your car becomes junk. When it reaches that point, hopefully, you can say that it served you well. Your car got you from Point A to Point B on a consistent basis. It also helped you run errands when it was raining and when it was extremely hot. When your vehicle becomes junk, though, there is one more thing it can do for you. It can get you some money if you sell it for auto salvage money to a company like ours, Sanford and Son Junk Cars. Here is what you need to know about selling your junk car.

What Is a Salvage Car?

A salvage car is a vehicle that is no longer going to be used by its owner. The owner may decide to leave it parked in their driveway, which becomes an eyesore for the neighborhood. Other owners may leave it in their garages to gather dust. Cars sold for salvage, though, serve a greater purpose. If you own a vehicle that has a high demand for its parts, the car is valuable for its components. This is why salvage yard owners are willing to offer cash for junk cars. 

There may be someone who is restoring a vehicle and who is missing a part. If your car is old enough, there may be someone out there who is searching for a specific part that is no longer manufactured. So, your vehicle is valuable to them. Parts for current cars are expensive. Someone whose vehicle was in an accident may visit a salvage yard to find the replacement part because it is cheaper than purchasing it through the dealer. When you provide a match, you are indirectly doing another person a favor.

How to Find Out What Your Car Is Worth

Several factors are going to determine how much money a salvage yard owner is going to pay you for your vehicle. The price of scrap metal, the car’s ISN, and overall demand are some factors. There are salvage cars that can command up to $400. Bigger cars like SUVs can net $1000. There are also some cars that are worth $100 or less. The value really just depends. The year, make, and model of your vehicle is also going to be taken into consideration as well as the condition of the vehicle, the mileage, and the vehicle’s current location.

Your location plays a role because it determines demand in your area. The weight of the vehicle plays a role because if it does not sell for parts, it can sell for scrap metal. Therefore, the more metal, the more the vehicle is worth.

Next Steps

The best way to get started is to contact one of our representatives by phone or in person. We will go through a checklist with you. Then, we put together an estimate. As you find out what your car is worth as salvage, there are cases when it can receive top dollar. Remember, even though it is a scrap car, it does not mean that the car has no value. Next, we determine your vehicle’s proximity to a salvage yard. 

Our representatives want to know whether the car still runs. If it does not, that is OK. If the vehicle is near a salvage yard, we can have it towed to the nearest location. The tow fee is simply subtracted from the payment estimate.

One way to receive the most money possible is to find out whether there is a demand for its parts. A Toyota Camry, for example, is usually high in demand and will likely be worth more than some other vehicles. For more information about receiving cash for your junk car, give us a call, or visit us at Sanford and Son Junk Cars.

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