Hapeville Junk Cars


Sanford and Son Junk Cars Hapeville, is a Veteran Owned Business, a Registered Secondary Metal Recycler, that buys junk cars, junk trucks or salvage automobiles, paying you the best cash prices, better than at any of your local junkyards, paying in cash for junk, salvage, unwanted, damaged, wrecked cars and trucks.

Junk Cars Hapeville

No need to wait on a check, sell your junk car on the spot for cash.

Top dollars paid for your junk, salvage or unwanted cars or junk trucks.

Fast, reliable, affordable, courteous and free towing service of your unwanted vehicle.

24 / 7 towing, call any time to schedule a pick up of your salvage car or junk truck.

Free vehicle removal, get paid today, in cash or donate your unwanted automobile to your favorite charity, for a tax deduction.

Clean up your garage, backyard, or driveway, and let us help you get paid for that eyesore, and rid you that car or truck.

Auto mechanics, car dealers are welcome to contact us for any number of vehicles.

Don’t have the title for that junk car or junk truck, give us a call at +1(770)771-9494, and will see if we can possibly help you.

Don’t have a title for your junk car and want to run a VIN check for liens, check the Hapeville Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to gain a Hapeville Vehicle Information.


Junk Cars Hapeville

Your lien holder doesn’t want to pick up your unwanted vehicle, call us to have the vehicle removed, have it impounded legally and we will notify your lien holder.

No need to shop for a salvage or junkyard to sell your vehicle to, because our pay is competitive with today’s prices at the leading junkyards in the industry, plus your vehicle will be removed today within a couple of hours.

You have an abandoned vehicle on your property and don’t know what to do with it? Call us to have that abandoned vehicle removed legally in other words, have it legally impounded, so you do not get in trouble with the law over a worthless junk car.

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