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We, as industry leaders, wanted to make a better salvage yard experience. We wanted a better way to buy your inoperable cars and sell used parts. We’ve done that and our staff at all our salvage yard locations work hard to keep customer service a top priority.

Junk Cars Fayetteville

Service Oriented Salvage Yard

Sanford and Son Junk Cars start with heavily trained and retrained salvage yard employees that can help our customers get just what they need out of the wide selection of cars located in our scrap yards.

To help streamline your experience at Sanford and Son Junk Cars scrap yards, we have created a searchable database of our inventories at our Fayetteville junkyards. Sanford and Son Junk Cars searchable salvage yard database will help you find your car part(s) before even entering our locations.

60 Day Cash Back Salvage Yard Guarantee

Sanford and Son Junk Cars aggressively buy a number of inoperable cars used for scrap to fill our yards to not only have a deep salvage yard inventory but also collect the most quality parts for our junkyard customers. A car may have seen it’s last day, but its parts can still be extremely useful. We take great care and consideration in what we salvage and resell to our clients and are so certain of the quality of our salvage yard parts that we offer a 60-day cash back guarantee on salvaged parts. So dig into our car scrap yard with confidence, knowing that we offer top-notch used car parts.

Junk Cars Fayetteville

We Buy Cars

We want your car for our scrap yards. We will make the process easy and profitable for you as we will make a fast cash offer for your junk car at our facility based on its characteristics, and we’ll even tow it for free to either our Fayetteville junkyard location where you can collect your cash!

iBuck Rewards Program

Get rewarded for your loyalty! Sanford and Son Junk Cars offer its own salvage yard rewards program for used auto parts purchases from our car scrap yards. Earn $20 credits off of junkyard parts with qualifying salvage yard purchases. It is through this program you also get the advance notification and early entry to many of our sale events.

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