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A Cash For Cars Doraville, Georgia Junk Car Buyer. We Buy Junk & Unwanted Vehicles & Provide Free Removal

Are you looking for a cash for cars Doraville, Georgia company? Do you have a vehicle that you just want to sell fast? Is there something wrong with it? Is something broken, or maybe it is wrecked? Don’t worry anymore! We buy all kinds of unwanted or junk vehicles. We even buy wrecked or damaged cars. Sell your vehicle today in Doraville, Georgia, and surrounding areas.

Junk Cars Doraville

Give us a call today at the Sanford and Son Junk Cars where we pay cash for junk cars and provide free towing with every single car that we buy! It’s so easy, just give us a quick call, or fill out our sell car online Doraville form. Then you will get a quote on how much we can pay you for your vehicle. If you like the price, then we will set you up with a good time to send a tow truck over to pay for your vehicle. It really is that easy!

After the tow truck shows up to meet you at the car. Then they will show you where to sign on your title and documents. You will fill out our quick form and BOOM! They will pay you the exact amount of money that we agreed on and tow away your unwanted vehicle. IT COULDN’T”T BE ANY EASIER!

One of the greatest things about the Sanford and Son Junk Cars is that we are licensed, insured, and bonded. So we are regulated by the DMV and do everything according to the strict laws and regulations. So you don’t have to worry about your car being flipped while its still in your name. We hear horror stories every day about people receiving parking tickets, and police call because they sold their vehicle to an unlicensed company.

It is very important that you are smart about who you sell your car to. There are people all the time getting in trouble for a car that they sold two years ago.

Give us a call today, and we will get you a fast and easy quote. +1(770)771-9494

Junk Cars Doraville

How Does Our Cash For Cars Doraville, Georgia Program Work?

Fill Out Our Online Form
We have an amazing online process that asks you the questions about your vehicle that we need to know in order to give you an offer.

We Offer You A Price
We will immediately figure out a price we are able to pay you for your vehicle.

Send A Tow Truck
If you like the price, then we can get you set up for a tow truck to come to meet with you to buy your vehicle.

Sold & Towed Away
Your vehicle will officially be sold. The tow truck driver will load your vehicle on the tow truck and tow it away. You are left with the money, and hopefully very happy!

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