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junk cars Chattahoochee Hills

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You know how it is when your kids turn 16. They can’t wait to get their learner’s permit and get behind the wheel. You held on to your old car instead of trading it in so that your teenager could learn to drive on it. He finally gets his license and next thing you know he gets into a fender bender that isn’t worth repairing. After all, the airbags went off and blew out the dashboard, not to mention that little hole in the radiator, the smashed headlight, and the body damage. Of course, you no longer have comprehensive insurance coverage on the old clunker that just passed 150,000 miles on the odometer. Chances are the guy who your kid hit only has collision on his car, too. So now you have this crumpled junker sitting in your driveway or parked up on your lawn. It doesn’t take long before you’re sick of looking at the thing. And now your neighbors are starting to complain about the ugly eyesore that stares them in the face every day. We do strictly buy junk cars but if you have a car in good running condition we recommend Sanford and Son Junk Cars buying service that is local to Chattahoochee Hills. You can find them here.

junk cars Chattahoochee Hills

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You stick a For Sale sign with your phone number on the vehicle and you put up an ad on any advertisement company, “totaled, for parts only.” Three weeks go by, then a month. No takers. Well, this guy at work with a tow hitch on his pickup says he’ll do you a favor and come haul it away and won’t even charge you. What a sweetheart, huh? I mean, shouldn’t you get some money out of the old clunker?

Maybe you live in Chattahoochee Hills or Georgia. You start flipping through your local Yellow Pages to try to find a wrecker near you. Surely some junkyard in need of parts will take the blasted thing off your hands and put a few dollars in your pocket. It’s either that or the guy at work.

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