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We Offer Service Excellence

Sanford and Son Junk Cars is metro Atlanta’s PREMIER junk car buyer. Trust us to help you get rid of your car and get paid while doing it. We specialize in buying junk cars and getting you the most cash possible, while providing outstanding customer service.

We Buy Cars of All Types

Wrecked, broken-down, fender-bender, you name it, Sanford and Son Junk Cars wants to buy your vehicle, no matter the condition. We buy any car in absolutely any condition. Let us take that car off your hands and fill your pockets with CASH!

We Buy Cars With or Without Titles

At Sanford and Son Junk Cars, we understand that a clean title is not always possible. Our representatives are experts at helping you get the title or other documents to sell your vehicle. If getting a title is not possible, we will still come out and pay you cash for your vehicle as soon as possible.




    '04 Honda Accord
    '02 Dodge Durango
    '93 Jeep Cherokee
    '94 Ford F150

    Cash for Junk Cars in Atlanta

    Exchanging cash for junk cars in Atlanta Georgia is an excellent way of making a quick buck. Here at Sanford and Son, we help make the process easy and hassle-free - whether it's about selling a car with or without the title.

    We understand how crucial speed and efficiency are when selling your scrap vehicle. Whether our client needs the cash for an important life event or simply wants to quickly get rid of the car from their property, we will help convert that unwanted car into fast cash.

    Why Get Rid of Your Junk Car?

    Even if there is no immediate rush in selling a junk car, converting it to cash still offers a lot of benefits rather than keeping it. Below are some drawbacks of holding on to the scrap vehicle and some benefits of selling it.

    Disadvantages of Keeping a Junk Car

    Many people leave their junk cars in the yard for various reasons. But doing so may result in many disadvantages over time. Here are some possible hazards and instances why our clients chose to get rid of their junk cars as soon as possible:

    • Vehicles that stay stuck in one place for an extended period will eventually leak toxic fluids such as oil and water. Once the leak penetrates the pavement, this can result in adverse effects on the property and the immediate environment.
    • The junk car can become a new home for rodents, insects, and sometimes even snakes. These pests can take residence inside the abandoned vehicle to keep themselves safe from the weather and other predators.
    • Whether it's complaints from an angry neighbor or the homeowner's association, keeping a junk car could lead to a problem in the community.

    We can help to eliminate these drawbacks but also give quick cash in exchange for the junk car. It's a double win-win situation for our clients, which is why most people choose Sanford and Son when they want to sell their junk cars in Atlanta Georgia.

    Benefits of Selling a Junk Car

    Most people think that nobody is interested in an old junk car, so they leave it untouched on the property. On the contrary, we see value in junk vehicles even if they are no longer running. Here are the benefits our customers experience when they sell their scrap car to us.

    • Make Fast Cash: When our clients decide to call us, we give the money as soon as we pick up the vehicle. There are no waiting periods or hidden charges to pay. It is as simple as receiving the cash before we tow the car away.
    • Much Prettier Yard: Junk cars can negatively impact property value if they sit on the lawn or in plain sight in the driveway. By selling the junk car, the property will look much better. Plus, the vehicle will not be a haven for pests.
    • Friendly to the Environment: Removing the junk car stops the leakage of toxic chemicals if they have not done so yet. It prevents from becoming a problem to surrounding families and the environment. In addition, these junk cars have recyclable parts, which significantly lessens the pollution when manufacturing new parts.

    We Buy Junk Cars In Any Condition

    We make it easier and uncomplicated for our clients to sell cars because we buy these clunkers regardless of their condition. It makes no difference whether the car or truck is barely alive or completely broken down. Our team at Sanford and Son will pay for the junk car and tow it away as quickly as possible.

    We believe any car is worth something. Our offer is risk-free and obligation-free, a testament that we see the value in any vehicle.

    We Have Extensive Service Coverage in Atlanta

    Sanford and Son will pick up your junk vehicle anywhere in our service area within Atlanta GA. As one of the most trusted and largest auto salvage companies in the state, we provide extensive coverage - allowing us to quickly and easily provide our customers with an instant cash offer in exchange for their junk vehicles.

    Why Choose Sanford and Son?

    Sanford and Son have numerous advantages over other auto salvage companies in Atlanta. Our clients trust us over our competitors because of our professionalism and honesty. Here are some of the major reasons why they prefer doing business with us:

    • We are a premier buyer of junk cars in the metro Atlanta area.
    • We do not sell our clients' personal information.
    • All employees of Sanford and Son have insurance and a license.
    • We prioritize our clients' needs and urgency, so we work with great speed and efficiency.
    • We do not charge fees for anything - we take care of all of them before giving the payment for the vehicle.
    • Regardless of the reason behind selling a junk car, we understand that this is personal. Hence, we initiate the buying process with no personal questions asked. We can do this because we belong to a network of trusted towing contractors.

      Convert Junk Vehicles for Cash Fast in Atlanta

      Become one of our customers who enjoy hassle-free junk car selling. Our company aims to achieve this twofold goal at every transaction. We help our clients get the most cash from their clunkers really fast, and we quickly remove the vehicle. It doesn't matter if the car is barely operational or not functioning. Sanford and Son can offer a competitive price for any junk car in Atlanta.


    Do I need my registration?
    Registration is not required in every situation to pick up your junk car. However, if you do not have a title, registration is required. Advise us upon quote that you are missing your registration, and we will advise if a replacement is necessary.

    Do I need a title?
    A title is recommended, but without one it is usually not a problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration. Keep in mind that a title will make the ownership transfer process easier. Please notify us of this information as soon as possible.

    "60 Seconds to Quote...90 minutes to Cash!"
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